Multivariable Calculus with Maxima

G. Jay Kerns

The following is a short guide to multivariate calculus with Maxima. It loosely follows the treatment of Stewart's Calculus, Seventh Edition. Refer there for definitions, theorems, proofs, explanations, and exercises. The simple goal of this guide is to demonstrate how to use Maxima to solve problems in that vein.

This was originally written for the students in my third semester Calculus class, but once it grew past twenty pages I thought it might be of interest to a wider audience. Here it is. I am releasing this as a FREE document, and other people are free to build on this to make it better.

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It was inspired by Maxima by Example by Edwin Woollett, A Maxima Guide for Calculus Students by Moses Glasner, and Tutorial on Maxima by unknown. I also received help from the Maxima mailing list archives and volunteer responses to my questions. Thanks to all of those individuals.

G. Jay Kerns 2009-12-1